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Metal Warriors was developed by LucasArts, by the same team who previously worked on the popular SNES title Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The gameplay and style of the game is frequently compared to another mech-shooter, Cybernator, which was also published by Konami, and it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a sequel to that game. However, despite appearances this Japanese-style robot game is USA made, and in fact was only ever released in North America. In Metal Warriors players take control of one of six mech warrior suits as they fight their way through non-linear levels, battling the evil Dark Axis forces.

You can certainly feel the LucasArts polish in the gameplay and style of this game, with great feeling of control and brilliant sprite art. It must be said, however, that even back in its heyday the Turrican franchise was far from the biggest gaming brand in the USA. The game’s publisher, Ocean, was a relatively small fish in the US market, despite being one of the biggest publishers in the UK and Europe during the 80’s and 90’s. Coupled with the game’s late release at the end of 1995, these factors led to underwhelming sales for Super Turrican 2 on SNES.

Due to its cult status, Wild Guns is another example of a SNES game subject to significant hype from gamers, collectors and YouTubers alike. Of course, the “hidden gem” label is often a sore point for veteran collectors, annoyed by spikes in demand leading to high prices for formerly cheap titles. Frankly, however, Wild Guns is one game that it’s hard not to get excited about! As gamers the heart of our hobby is the love of the gameplay and stylistic experiences offered by games like Wild Guns. Sharing passion for great games is the lifeblood that keeps retro-gaming alive, and it would be unjust to smother that experience and hoard it selfishly when so many more people can take part and enjoy it just like we do.

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This game is notable for the wide range of partner characters that can be selected or otherwise unlocked to help make it through the nine stages, each having their own special attacks and abilities. Like the first game, Pocky & Rocky 2 makes great use of elements of Japanese folklore and traditional culture, with a wide range of mystical creatures and spirits facing off against our heroes. Of course, most of the specific references to Japanese folklore will be lost on the average gamer, but the game’s humorous style and great visuals bring all these strange characters to life GB in a way that everyone can enjoy.

Pocky & Rocky 2 is a cute, cartoon run-and-gun shooter with a great sense of humor, well worthy of an entry on our Top Ten list. The game stars the titular Pocky, a young shrine maiden, and Rocky, the mischievous tanuki, as they once again fight their way through the mysterious ghost world.